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12 Most Flawless MMA Knockouts of 2016

The Year is Coming To an End.



The dawn of 2016 is coming, and of course another year for mixed martial arts competition is coming to a close. Throughout the year we witness some of the greatest setbacks and pullbacks in the sport, the historic ones, some were spectacular and some were just ton of hell of a fights.

Back in the days where Grappling wasn’t introduced in the mainstream Fighting sports, the fans were thrilled because of one simple thing: THE KNOCKOUTS. Yeah, that’s right guys. We, as fans, love the sports because of the aspect of fighting around it but what makes us jump off our feet was the fact that we want someone to get their asses knocked out inside the ring. Of course, 2016 is another year full of highlight reel of KO’s.

Paying tribute to every spectacular bouts, here’s a compilation of the best of the best Knockouts of 2016.


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