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Connor McGregor Steals Canadian Model’s Entire Persona.

Conor McGregor is the most popular and polarizing figures in the UFC. He is well known for his look, tattoos and clothing style that separates him from the pack. He has been quoted as being “unique”, “none other like him”. As it turns out, his style is completely fabricated from day one.  Did he Swagger Jack Canadian model Josh Mario John?

From the beard, to the tattoos, to the poses, it all looks the same. It’s not a coincidence, Dana White had this planned from day one and its working wonders

This is Conor a Few years ago you tell me what you think . These are before he found out about John Mario John the Canadian model.




Now look at him now, he thought no one would find out, but when you’re famous everything comes to light.



See the coincidence? The plot thickens though.

When Dana White found Conor McGregor in 2012 he was a bald brash young kid with no sense of style, but he had star qualities in him that could be built if directed correctly. This is the exact same scenario that happened with Justin Bieber, and he was talented but had no style or direction, he just needed someone to coach him on becoming a star. That’s where R&B Legend Usher stepped In and created an entirely fabricated personality and style that would sell to the mainstream media and fans.

When Conor McGregor signed with the UFC the transformation began immediately. From stolen Muhammad Ali quotes and predictions, to written and contrived interview answers, down to the suits, tattoos and hairstyle, everything was happening for a reason. Fighters and fans alike were shocked at how fast he was rising in the ranks. He was getting paid more than 90% of the UFC roster after his first fight in the octagon. His bromance with Dana White become something of envy to every UFC fighter. They have been seen together cruising the streets in Dana White’s Ferrari, living at Dana White’s mega mansion and Dana’s prime guest at Las Vegas parties.


  1. This is not okay Conor

    I’m not surprised Mofo lol

  2. Profile photo of Boris Lebedinskiy

    hahah, nate made him eat shit.

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