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Hardest Strikers In the UFC Right Now


Strikers are the most exciting fighters to watch in the Octagon, nuff said.

Wrestling, Grappling/Submission and Striking are the fundamentals when it comes to Fighting sports. Some MMA enthusiasts say that one art beats the other art but can’t beat the third one, while some other says that their preferred art is the best between all of the other arts. But for striking fans out there, All they can say is that their art is the Most Thrilling and Most Fun to Watch. For me, it really is too.

When you watch them fight, all you saw from minute one are setting up knockout combos, jabbing here and there and then giving a full mighty swing to their opponent’s head. They are risk takers and aren’t afraid to take blows and exchange with their opponents some heavy hits that might knocked them out. They are the blood thirsty ones and the Head Hunters, as you might say. They surely know how to make you stand off your feet upon watching them.

Back then, some of the fighters that made our balls jump when watching them are Chuck Liddell, Rashad Evans, and of course Dan Henderson. They surely know how to make their opponent snooze with a one connecting punch. Now, fans of the Knockout, including myself, should look forward to these rising superstars that packs a lot of  power in their punch. Some of them may fool you because of their doubting appearance, but I guarantee you, these are the Hardest Strikers in UFC today.