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Rhonda Rousey will be retired into obscurity by Amanda Nunes on big return

Rhonda Rousey ready for her return at  UFC 207 , I for one don’t think she is ready, I predict a swift and brutal knockout. (We can all hope)

Rhonda Rousey makes her return at UFC 207 against Amanda Nunes, is she psychologically ready?
During a staredown, Rousey had to be comforted because she got very emotional and almost had a panic attack after the staredown.
This comeback of hers might be a major problem and I for one hope she gets kncoked out once again. I can’t stand her as a person
just like Donald trump tweeted.

Glad to see that lost her championship fight last night. Was soundly beaten – not a nice person!

The truth is she really is an arrogant, lying disgusting person. Trump is right on this one, I can’t wait for Amanda Nunes to break her again.

She has had lots of problems, training with one of the MMA’s worst trainers, claiming she is only alive for her babies and tweeting suicidal tweets. Amanda Nunes is no easy fight to get through; I predict Rhonda gets stopped again and retires from MMA forever.  She has done nothing to earn this title shot, and with a year off she is going to be rusty and ill prepared with the likes of Edmund teaching her. Look at what he did to Travis Browne, a good fighter completely ruined his career with Edmund. One thing is for sure; she will lose

Edmund is one of the worst coaches in MMA. He was telling Rhonda how well she was doing against Holly in their fight, no corner advice no strategy, just “You are doing perfect blah blah”. Even Rhonda’s mom wants her to leave the parasite.

To me, Rhonda is a one trick pony who was winning against housewives and soccer moms, and as soon as she fought a legitimate female fighter, she lost in brutal fashion, hid her face with a pillow and vanished from the face of the earth. Rousey is trying to focus on being a movie star, too bad the movie studios told her to “focus on fighting” .

Everyone claims Rousey’s return will be bigger than McGregor Vs Alvarez, I for one think that is a false statement. Rousey is nowhere near as famous as Conor is and if she loses this fight, she will disappear forever.  There is no denying Rousey is the second biggest UFCf star around. Her comeback will be massive, and many female MMA fans still look up to her.

I want Rousey to lose and hope she does not return; she is not a decent person and let’s not hope she contemplates suicide after this loss (one might still hope).

Well conclude this article with a good ole thank you Edmund video because the guy is ONE Of the worst trainers in MMA right now,  Enjoy guys.