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Would you go under the knife to look uglier? Two of these top 5 ring girls did! Here’s a list of the best and worst ring girls in MMA!

Being a UFC ring girl isn’t easy. Beyond looking the part, you’ve got to have some shoulder endurance, and know how to smile, wink, wave, and blow kisses to the camera between rounds.

Okay, so it’s not rocket science, but there is apparently some serious stress involved with the job. Just ask Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste, two of the UFC’s enduring card-carriers, who wear that stress on their faces.

Brittney and Arianny aren’t aging prematurely or anything, but they both became unfortunate members of the Nip/Tuck club. It must take a lot of pressure to look perfect to take a scalpel to those pretty faces.

With that in mind, today’s post counts down the top-5 hottest ring girls outside of the UFC.

What’s Wrong with the plastic Twins?





What would convince anyone to give up the girl on the left for the one on the right?

Cosmetic surgery may be older than Jesus, but it’s nowhere NEAR advanced enough.

Brittney @BritnneyPalmer and Arianny (@AriannyCeleste)  made a terrible mistake they used to be beautiful.

They now look like some kind of lizard creatures!

Arianny was a stunning natural beauty before the carvers got ahold of her. The (hopefully) finished product isn’t that awful to look at, but rather a carefully inflated downgrade. Today, Arianny looks like a caricature of former self.

When it comes to the hottest ring girl debate, Arianny needs to strap on her padded underwear and take a seat. She has no ass to speak of as paparazzi images caught her with her pants down (literally) and she looked like hank hills twin sister.  If you google “Arianny butt paparazzi” you will see what I am talking about. Don’t say I didn’t warn you and your eyes.


And then there’s Brittney. Before her UFC tenure, “WEC” Brittany was a perfect 10. But then some hack surgeon talked her into the cosmetic equivalent of dumping ketchup on wagyu beef.

On second thought, Brittany is an artist; maybe she’s giving back to the art community by donating her face as the clay for some peyote-smoking sculptor to work with?

Whatever the case, Brittney’s chin is now sharper than a Jon Jones elbows and she looks like a typical Las Vegas hooker. What made her give up that gorgeous girl next door look? We will never know.

WEC Brittney: we miss you!

Bill Burr had an excellent quote about this plastic surgery craze, 

“Would you rather be 52 and look 52, or be 52 and look like a 28 year old lizard?” – Bill Burr

Counting Down the Top 5 Non-UFC Ring Girls





Mercedes Terrell was the first official Bellator MMA girl, and has represented everything from Monster Energy to Supercross. She’s a knockout with her own calendar and a magnificent Instagram page. Enjoy this California girl.  




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These bodied-up and blonde Brazilian twins got their start on Big Brother Brazil and were offered a career in adult film, but fortunately (or not) chose to pursue ring card girl gigs instead. Once again, Instagram delivers.

NUMBER 3 – JADE BRYCE (Bellator)




Bellator lost this gorgeous blonde after 4 years, but she still models and keeps her finger on the pulse of the MMA world. She also announced her pregnancy last year, which now technically makes her a MILF.  Check out her recent video twerking with Mercedes Terrell on Instagram and tell us on our Instagram  if  were wrong.




Boxing girls count, too! Melissa Riso has worked boxing events all over California, but she’s a big MMA fan, too. Aside from showing off her perfect body in combat sports arenas, Melissa is a bikini model and aspiring actress. Peep her Instagram to see her belly tattoo from every angle.





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This British bombshell is a long-legged blonde with blue eyes and a lingerie line of her own. She’s a hardcore fan of Chael Sonnen, and Conor McGregor love her as well!  and we’re a hardcore fan of her Instagram, also visit us on Instagram as well! She is good friends with Conor and knows to stick by the champs, smart girl.

If you don’t agree with our list comment below and tell us what you think!!!! We would love your opinion!!!!

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